Anonymous asked:

I have a really important question I'm freaking out about!!!! I've heard some teachers at some schools will assign things before school starts- how do I know if a teacher has posted an assignment?! Also, I've only gotten one email from a teacher about the textbook for class. Is it fairly normal for students not to show up with their books on the first/second day of class? Or is there another messaging system the teachers use to let students know about textbooks?

It’s okay! Starting college is stressful, but I promise you that you’ll feel infinitely better after attending your first day of class. To answer your questions, a professor will email you to the email listed on Campus Connect. Go to Campus Connect > Email Addresses to check which one you have listed. They will only contact this email, and be sure to check your spam/junk folder.

To check your required textbook list, go to Campus Connect > My Class Schedule. There are three blue links towards the top of the page with the names of different campuses. If your classes are in Lincoln Park, click “Lincoln Park” to see the required books for those classes. Professors will discuss required books on the first day, so there is no need to worry if you do not have them yet. Similarly, some classes do not have textbook requirements because the course readings are online. 

Congrats on starting college!!!

Anonymous asked:

Who do we contact if campus connect says you need "department consent to enroll in this class"?

That typically appears when there is a prerequisite for the class. Go on to Campus Connect > Student Center and contact the person listed as your Academic Advisor on the right side of the screen. They can help you with any registration needs and contact the department on your behalf. 

Anonymous asked:

What advice would you give to a student who really wants to attend DePaul but doesn't necessarily have the financial means to?

I love that question!! It’s true! We love getting this question because we are so proud of our scholarships and financial aid here at DePaul. Last year, we distributed more than $24 Million in scholarships to our students.

Just by applying, you will instantly be considered for a merit-based scholarship. We encourage students to apply in order to see what scholarship(s) they receive. Check out the DePaul Scholarships page to find out more:

These merit-based scholarships can be combined with different types of financial aid in order to cover the cost of college. Types of financial aid:

Financial Aid Basics:

thebluegreygirl asked:

Hello! I am planning on bringing my bike to campus with me when I move in and was wondering where I can keep it when not using it? I noticed some bike racks outside while on campus. Are there any places inside where I can put it (I'm living in Seton)? I'm so excited to move in this weekend!

Hey there! First of all, WELCOME TO DePAUL!!! I hope your move went well. The bicycle corral is located under McCabe Hall. You can register with the Parking Office at the link below. Students are also encouraged to register their bicycle with the Chicago Police Department for theft protection. There are numerous bike racks throughout campus as well.  

Enjoy your first week!

Anonymous asked:

Can a student, that works and goes there, get a sheet for a high school student to waive their application fee?

Hi! Fee waivers are only for specific circumstances, and cannot be passed on to other students for use. Prospective students can contact the Office of Admission with any questions about application fees. Please note that the DePaul application fee is only $25, which is much less than many other universities. 

Office of Undergraduate Admission:

Anonymous asked:

I'm a freshman who doesn't move in until Saturday. I know a lot of freshmen have already moved in, and there have been many activities designed to help freshmen make friends within this last week. I feel as though I've missed out on all the fun because I'm moving in so late :(

Not at all! Explore Chicago classes will be filled with activities to help you to get to know other students, just like in the Discover classes. We also have tons of events for freshmen scheduled throughout September to help students settle in and meet new people! The vast majority of DePaul students move in on September 6, and you’ll have just as much of a blast getting to know them.

(There are still 24 events this month!) Get excited!

Welcome Week Events: